IDCIT Friction Index Assessment

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Burned out trying to get IT and business to collaborate?

Find out whether your IT organization is really meeting the needs of your enterprise's line-of-business users and driving business value. Take the assessment now to get a detailed report and essential guidance from IDC analysts

IDC IT Friction Index Assessment
  • Assess your IT organization's ability to support
    the needs of your enterprise's lines of business
  • Benchmark your IT service delivery against
    your peer group
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for
  • Get strategic guidance from IDC analysts to
    help you align IT and business needs

IDC research has shown that information technology (IT) plays a critical role in business, not just in driving efficiencies, but increasingly in revenue generation as well. Unfortunately, there is a mismatch between the level of IT service required by the business and the level of service the business receives. IDC calls this mismatch IT friction.

IT friction occurs whenever IT and business leaders are unable to collaborate effectively, leading to reduced business agility, service disruptions, and poor user experience. The economic impacts should not be taken lightly: Many companies surveyed by IDC reported annual revenue losses of nearly 10% as a result of IT friction. IDC estimates the cumulative costs to the global economy to be $500 billion per year in lost economic output.

IDC has developed the IT Friction Index to enable companies to best predict the extent of IT friction, identify opportunities for IT to improve the way it collaborates with the business, and measure progress to becoming a Thriver. The Index is based on an international survey of business and IT executives across a wide range of industries and reflects the constellation of factors that have demonstrated the highest statistical correlation with IT friction.

Registering for this brief online assessment will enable you to measure the degree of IT friction currently affecting your organization and benchmark it against peer groups based on geography, industry vertical, and company size. The detailed report contains actionable guidance to improve your IT service delivery and collaboration between IT and business leaders.